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Our goal is to support and encourage our partners who promote Fujitsu scanners as part of their Document Imaging solution and who add true value for the customer by ensuring that their Imaging requirements are met. Partners who generate the need for document imaging scanners are critical to our success.

Program overview

The ADVANTAGE program is a deal registration program that provides special pricing to resellers who create a need for Fujitsu scanner products. This program is exclusively for partners who are creating new opportunities. Opportunities that are already established are not eligible.

Any number of Fujitsu Canada Imaging resellers who meet the conditions of the ADVANTAGE program could be eligible for special pricing on any given opportunity.

ADVANTAGE proposals must be registered prior to opportunities going to bid (e.g. MERX, RFP).

To take ADVANTAGE of this program,

the following conditions must be met:

1. Qualify that the opportunity meets the ADVANTAGE program terms and conditions

2. Complete and submit the Request for Special Pricing form at:

—i. select ADVANTAGE Registration Program
—ii. complete all required fields. Fields that are shaded grey are not required.
—iii. include customized imaging software solution if applicable

3. Within two business days, if the proposal qualifies for the ADVANTAGE program, an ADVANTAGE registration number and pricing will be provided.

4. When ordering product, ensure that the ADVANTAGE registration number is included on your PO.

Qualified registrations are valid for 30 days after the Authorization number is issued unless otherwise specified. Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis by FCI. To request an extension, please email It is the Reseller’s responsibility to contact FCI to request an extension prior to the registration’s expiration. FCI reserves the right to qualify any extensions with the end-user.

ADVANTAGE Programs Terms and Conditions:

1. The Reseller assumes all responsibility for determining, validating, qualifying, and registering the correct scanner model per opportunity.

2. Only one scanner model per ADVANTAGE registration is accepted and eligible, unless Fujitsu Canada, Inc. (FCI) gives written approval for multiple models. Once submitted, scanner model changes may not be accepted if they conflict or duplicate another Reseller's registration for the same opportunity.

3. When multiple resellers are working on the same opportunity, Fujitsu Canada will determine eligibility based on customized imaging software offered and timing of the registration.

4. FCI reserves the right to make the final decision regarding a registration's eligibility for the ADVANTAGE program. Resellers who submit incorrect or misleading information to obtain special pricing, this includes unqualified opportunities, may, at FCI's sole discretion, become ineligible to participate in the ADVANTAGE program and/or may have their Fujitsu Canada Imaging reseller status revoked. FCI may cancel any ADVANTAGE registration number at anytime if it concludes that false or misleading information was provided.

5. By submitting this request and accepting these terms and conditions, the reseller is confirming the authenticity of the scanner opportunity as an opportunity created by the reseller who has assisted the end-user customer to determine the best scanner for their needs. The end-user is not obligated to buy from the reseller.

6. When requested by Fujitsu Canada, reseller must attend Regional Sales Meetings. Failure to attend may result in disqualification from the ADVANTAGE programs.

7. Standard ordering terms and conditions apply.

8. FCI reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at anytime.